Business Coaching

Coaching for you and your employees

Iris Billy Ph.D. Consulting business coaching is designed to help you, your employees and your organization achieve your goals and get the maximum benefits. Supporting employee well-being, stress management, leadership development, performance management and people engagement are high on the priority list, but take time.  We are here to help you achieve these, through our passion to help people.
Business coaching packages specifically tailored to your needs, can include online support, action planning, reports, regular feedback and any of the services listed below.
One-off attendance at your business for individual coaching sessions with multiple individuals can also be arranged.
Please contact me with an idea of your requirements for a quote, or if you would like any further details.

Well-being Support

  • resident life coaching for individual support
  • support for those on/returning from absence
  • stress management
  • work/life balance
  • executive coaching

Performance Support

  • career coaching and personal development
  • succession planning for high performers
  • supporting under performers
  • managing performance and attendance
  • recruitment support

Leadership Development

  • mentoring new leaders
  • developing experienced leaders
  • achieving authentic people engagement
  • creating a coaching culture
  • coaching the coach
  • transformational leadership

Potential benefits to you

Clearer direction and purpose, pursuit of interests, healthier life balance, greater life skills, improved life style, enhanced feelings of well-being, motivated to succeed, ability to sustain progress, successful career change,a plan for the future, move on from the past, improved self-image, greater confidence and many more!