Presentation Consulting

You have an important presentation coming up to a prospect, client, Board of Directors, shareholders, or employee group. You need the presentation to communicate your key points clearly. You want the audience to understand it immediately and take action. And you need help on how to structure the message and create PowerPoint visuals that have impact. I’m here to help you succeed.

My background is in business. I have a Ph.D. and spent over twenty years in the corporate world. I have worked with executives, business owners, and their staff to create persuasive PowerPoint presentations. Clients hire me because I understand their situation and can help them craft a message and visuals that work.

I am often asked to work with professionals and executives when they need to sell ideas, products, or services to prospective clients. I understand the sales process and have training in writing sales copy. I can help you create a presentation that clearly communicates the benefits of your proposal so that your prospective client sees why they should select you over your competitors.