Research Consulting


Are you looking for an experienced research professional with a strong background in advanced analytics, statistics and survey research?

From my PhD experience I have found that I gained experience which is analogous to research consulting. Do you need to spot a “gap in the market” (something unique in your research area), plan a strategy to tackle the issue, mobilize resources, meet deadlines, manage expectations and communicate clearly with your stakeholders? I can assist you with research to the making of strategic, tactical and action-oriented decisions about your business, to showcase your innovative problem solving and data-driven model creation abilities.

With my strong analytical skills, writing skills, research skills developed during my PhD journey I can assist you with breaking down complex problems into manageable solutions, and then putting the parts together and reaching conclusions in the context of the overall problem. In addition to communicating research findings in a clear and effective manner to audiences who are not necessarily familiar with details of your work (such as the CEO of a major corporation) is part of my offerings as a consultant.

Ethical Issues and Social Responsibility in the Global Financial Services Industry

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According to Cheryl Munson E-How contributor business ethics and corporate social responsibility are high on the “radar” of major corporations.

Managaing Organizations with Theoretical Perspectives: Theoretical Perspectives

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The field of organizational theory has undergone transformations from time to time mainly due to the ever changing environment.

Change Management for the 21st century and Beyond: Change Management

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Organizations are rift with change as they approach a globalized world. Managers need to adapt to changes and direct their subordinates into accepting change.

Analysis of Leadership Theories for the 21st Century: Leadership Theories

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Leadership theory predicts that a more collaborative approach is likely to be called for than the traditional approach in the 21st century and beyond.


Transformational Leadership for the 21st Century and Beyond

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Product Marketing for the 21st Century

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Leadership, Collobaration and Co-Creation

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Andragogy Versus Pedagogy

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Co-Creation of Leadership

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